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Product Code: SH1902
These hanger bolts are headless bolts designed to hang materials from wooden structures, walls or overhead. One half has a lag thread wood screw with a pointed tip, and the other half has standard machine thread with a blunt tip. Commonly used to hang wiring and ceiling hooks, the assembly is comple..
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Product Code: SH5678 Brand: Panacea
All steel curved wall hanging hook - Traditional design form the old days - Indoor or outdoor use - - All flat steel constructed - With a curl back hook on the end to secure anything you are hanging - - Matte black finish - Size is: 5/8 in. wide 1/8 in. thick - Extends 6 inches from the wall - Mount..
US$3.85 US$7.67
Product Code: SH2567
The High and Mighty Picture Hanger is a tool free solution to any wall hanging need. Simply Place, Push and Hang your decor. A revolutionary solution to decorating and organizing, High and Mighty Wall Hanging Hooks are designed to be Stuck Up...
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Product Code: SH6123
"The Red Rooster Bed and Breakfast House" Wooden Plaque with wire hanger and red and green wooden toggle connected with rope. Country Cabin decor w/ wooden red rooster measures 12 1/2" x 8 1/4"..
US$6.49 US$12.95
Product Code: SH1013
39-Hook Ideal for hanging picture frame, clocks or decorations on wooden wall, hardwall surface. Easy to use, just hammer pins straight in. High Quality Pack of Plastic Hard Wall Picture These moulded hooks are ideal for concrete or masonry walls. Hooks have short hardened steel pins. Easy to r..
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Product Code: SH2690
One set of 5 magnet hooks with 25+ pound pull strength or One set of 4 magnet hooks with 40+ pound pull strength or One set of 3 magnet hooks with 75+ pound pull strength. IT'S TIME TO GET ORGANIZED! GetXpress magnet hooks can help organize your kitchen, office, garage, bathroom, locker - the only ..
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Product Code: SHT13042
(6 PACK) Pants Hangers 5 Layer Stainless Steel Non Slip S-Shaped Hangers, Closet Space Saver for Jeans Scarfs Ties and other Clothes By Van & Co. The perfect way to reduce clutter and save space in your closet. We’ve created a sturdy stainless steel 5 layered hanger, including a non slip adhesiv..
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