Eddizu Automatic Clothing Drying Hangers Foldable Hanger Dryer Resolve Clothes Drying Requirements for Travel, Tourism, Family Clothing Care (White)

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✅Dry Clothes: Hanger design makes clothes become the air hood, resulting the thermal flow and cycle inside clothes, and dry soon.2-3 hours rapid drying, low power consumption.

✅Easy Storage: Detachable wind pipe, folding clips, easy to storage, suits for travel use, save space.360 swivel hook, foldable hanger for easy storage and travel.

✅Hot/Cold Air Switching at Will: Human-oriented one-key control, easy to switch cool or hot air and turn on or off.

✅Security System: Over heat protection, automatic switch from hot air to cold air after three hours of use.Multiple safety protection design, with built in auto off system.

✅Convenient Life Gadget: Suitable for small thin clothes, such as: suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, and so on. Mini size, fashion and convenient to use, can resolve clothes or shoes drying requirements such as travel, tourism, family clothing care.

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Product Name:Portable Electric Drying Hangers
A.Mini size, fashion and convenient to use
B.Folding clips, easy to storage
C.Resulting the thermal flow and cycle inside clothes, and dry soon
D.Easy to switch cool or hot air and turn on or off
E.2-3 hours rapid drying, low power consumption
F.Multiple safety protection design, with built in auto off system

1 x Portable Electric Drying Hangers

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