100lb D Ring Picture Hangers | 10 Pieces for Heavy Duty Picture Frames
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100lb D Ring Picture Hangers | 10 Pieces for Heavy Duty Picture Frames

Product Code: SH848
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*HANG UP TO 5 PICTURES - Use two d ring picture hangers per frame to hang up to 5 frames, pictures, artwork and more on your wall with our 10 piece kit of 100lb d ring picture hangers.

*PERFECT FOR HEAVY AND LARGE ITEMS - Our heavy duty d ring picture hangers are rated at 100 pounds when used in pairs of two (2). Their hardened steel material and extra long loop give them strength and security when hanging a heavy frame or other item.

*LONG D RING DESIGN - The “d” in our d ring has longer inner ends, allowing it to grab on to its base for a stronger and more secure hold.

*HANG MORE WITH 10 PIECES - We include 10 pieces with their screws so you get the most out of your d ring picture hangers purchase. Large and heavy picture hanging is a breeze with our d ring picture hanging heavy duty hangers.

*YOU’LL LOVE OUR KIT - We take pride in delivering a quality product. If, within 30 days, you are unhappy for any reason, return your kit with no questions asked.

100lb D Ring Picture Hangers | 10 D Rings and 20 screws

IMPORTANT: Our d rings are rated for use in pairs with strong and healthy wood frames or other wooden bases.

Our 100lb D Ring Hangers best perform when installed with their screws in line with the force pulling on them.

Remember to always install into healthy wood frames. When your D Ring is in use, the pulling force should be in line with both screws.

Be sure to correctly install 100lb D Rings to get the best result. Incorrect installation can result in a failed D Ring.

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