JS HANGER Kids Hanger Children Coat Hanger Wooden Clothes Hanger - 13

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WISE BIGGER HANGER CHOICE- 13 Inch Length hanger will goes well with the toddlers to young teenagers clothes. It will be a perfect choice before the children using the adults hangers.

NON-SLIP RUBBER STRIP: The Rubber Teeth Grip on the shoulders kids wooden hangers prevent the clothes from falling, making the hanger suitable for dresses, tank tops or other wide necked clothing

SOLID WOODEN CONSTRUCTION - The natural solid wood is durable and solid compared to the plastic ones. It promise years use. Cost a bit more but with longer life expection. It will be a wothy investment. You can keep them until the chilren grow up for adults hangers without changing or even use it for the younger babies.

STYLISH CHILDREN HANGER- Prepare the Childrens closet with the hanger will add an elegant touch to the closet. Believe both the Mom and Children will love them.

CHROME-PLATED 360-DEGREE SWIVEL HOOK - The hook of this Wooden Hangers are chrome-plated so they are not easy to get rusty. A 360 degree swivel hook fitting most closet rods provides you an easy access to your clothes

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