Rubber Coated Plastic Hangers (30 Pk) Non Slip Rubberized U-Slide Hanger, Ultra Thin Space Saving Suit Hanger, Non Slip Pants Hanger, Strong & Heavy Duty Plastic Coat Hanger, Strap Hooks, 360° Hook

Brand: ZOBER
Product Code: SH75
Availability: In Stock

This set of 30 heavy duty durable, multifunctional hanger feature a u-slide slit for tight collars, a scarf and tie bar, 2 strap hooks, 360 degree swivel rod hook, and a non-slip shoulder and pant bar! With features like these, our innovative clothing hangers they may very well be the only hangers you’ll ever need!

New innovative design that lets you hang tops without stretching the neck. An easy-slide slit allows users to hang narrow collar shirts without stretching them out; simply slide the slit into one side of the collar and adjust the remaining side.

A small bar on the closet hangers allow for convenient hanging of scarves, ties, and shawls. 2 strap hooks on the hangers for clothes allow for easy hanging of tanks and thin strap shirts and dresses.

Nonslip rubber grips on the dress hangers shoulder keep shirts from sliding off, while the grips on the pant bar keeps Pants slacks and jeans in place and wrinkle free. The non slip pants hangers feature a 360 degree chrome hook makes hanging easy from any angle.

Our space saving hangers have a thin frame much like our velvet hangers, that increases closet space by up to 50%! Unlike flimsy plastic hangers, these pant hangers can better endure falls and being packed in boxes for moves. Dimensions - Length 16" x Height 9"

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