SONGMICS Pants Hangers, Set of 12 Solid Wood Hanger, Anti-Slip Felt, 360° Swivel Hook, Clamp Skirt Hanger, Dark Walnut Color UCRW07V12

Product Code: SH740
Availability: In Stock

WRINKLE FREE HOLD: A full-width clamp grips skirts or trousers tightly; clamp with felt lining protects clothes and will not leave unsightly creases or marks on the waistband like the hangers with clips, great for hanging silk or delicate clothing

GOOD FOR PANTS AND SKIRTS: The clamp is designed with a groove to accommodate trousers seams or buttons; ABS clamp opens and closes easily while adding strength for securing apparels in place

ELEGANCE DOESN’T SACRIFICE FOR QUALITY: Crafted of premium wood in hand polished dark walnut finish, these pants hangers are stylish and attractive when hanging suit pants, trousers, slacks, jeans or skirts, and will last for years to come

SPACE-SAVING DESIGN: Measures 9.8"L x 0.9"W x 6.7"H, these slim, space efficient clamp skirts hangers keep garments organized in freshly pressed condition without ironing while making full use of your valuable closet space

STRONG SWIVEL HOOK: Shiny, chrome plated, 360° swivel hook provides easy access to clothes and fits standard hanging rods with long lasting durability

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