Quality Hangers 10 Curved Wooden Hangers Beautiful Sturdy Suit Coat Hangers with Locking Bar Gold Hooks Walnut Finish (10)

Brand: Quality Hangers
Product Code: SH607
Availability: In Stock

CURVED HANGERS - Extremely High Quality Set of Ten full adult size Curved hangers.

Made out of beautiful top quality solid wood with a beautiful Walnut Finish.

Shoulder notches allows for hanging thin straps.

NO-SLIP pants Bar.

Color: Wallnut Finish Gold 360-degree swivel Hook will fit all standard closet rods

Quality Hangers Guarantees to bring you the highest quality hangers for the most affordable prices, Because we believe that you deserve to get he best without overpaying in price, Quality Hangers will continue to search for the best and most beautiful items for less.

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