Utopia Home Premium Non-Slip Velvet Hangers (Pack of 50) - Heavy Duty - Coat Hangers - Pant Hangers - Black

Brand: Utopia Home
Product Code: SH332
Availability: In Stock

Set of 50 velvet hangers measures 17. 5 by 9 by 0. 24 inches each; 360-degree rotate feature

Strong enough to hold 10 pounds; ultra-thin construction is sturdy enough to hold your coats and pants

Made of sturdy material; the set of 50 hangers can hold and organize your clothes, saving space and tidying up your closet

Soft velvet, instead of plastic or metal, leaves no crease on the pants when you fold them over

Non-slip black velvet design, with chrome finishing, ensures secure hanging of your clothes with a slim and sleek construction to maximize space in your closet

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