Neaties American Cedar Wood Hangers with Notches and Bar for Fresh Closet, 24pk

Brand: Neaties
Product Code: SH275
Availability: In Stock

Protect your Closets and Storage Spaces by Absorbing Odors and Moisture, Repelling Moths and Other Insects while Providing a Wonderful Cedar Scent.

Includes Strong Round Bar. These Hangers are Very Well Made and Expected to Last Years.

Double Notch Feature on Both Sides to Secure Straps and Avoid Slips.

Single Unit Dimension is Approximately 17.5"x9"x1.5". Perfect Size for Average Adult. Refresh Cedar Properties w/ Gentle Sand Paper. Purchase your Sand Paper by Neaties by Searching "Neaties Hangers" on

VALUE set of 24. Regular Wood and Bamboo Options also Available in 12pk or 24pk. Simply search "Neaties" on!

The one product you need in a household closet to stay organized are hangers! You can store practically anything on them; pants, skirts, dresses, jackets, coats, slacks, pajamas, sweatpants, scarves, pashminas, ties, jeans, tuxedos, suits, dresses – the list never ends! Neaties 100% cedar hangers protect closets and storage spaces by absorbing odors and moisture, repelling moths and other insects while providing a wonderful cedar scent. There are absolutely NO artificial scents or aromas added to the wood. Neaties offers a variety medium weight, heavy weight, and wood hangers at very affordable prices. They come in several variations including different weights, colors and quantities. Neaties wood clothes hangers are available in packs of 12 or 24. Bamboo and regular wood options are also available. If you would like to try any of our other hangers, simply search “Neaties Hangers” on and click on the set of hangers you prefer.

These hangers will allow you to maximize space in your closet while keeping your clothes securely and consistently organized. The durable and sturdy design is able to comfortably hold clothes up to 10 pounds.

Made with American cedar, these hangers are soft to the touch yet made to last. They're lightweight but heavy duty. Expect these hangers to protect your closet for many years!

All Neaties hangers arrive quickly and in secure packaging to avoid any discoloration or scratches on their way to you. We offer hundreds of variations. We want you to be happy with your choice.

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