Space Saving Aluminum Hangers Aluminum Alloy Adult Clothes Hanging Dry And Wet Triangle Clothes Support Household Clothes Hangers Pants Hangers ( Color : Purple, Size : 42x20cm )

Product Code: SH2020-203
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This product has a minimum quantity of 10

YOUR HANGERS MATTER: Since your clothes sit on hangers for most of their life, its necessary to choose good hangers; these quality hangers are the perfect choice for keeping your clothes in good shape.

A pack of 20 of the most durable high impact and durable non-marking adult hangers.

Each non-marking hanger measures 42 x 20 cm.

These hangers are designed for adult clothing. Having a hanger of the right size will help keep the clothes in good condition.

This adult non-marking hanger can be decorated for your wardrobe, perfect for your storage and organization needs!

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