(4 Pack) 40+ Pound Pull | Heavy Duty Neodymium Magnetic Hanging Hook Set

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REAL POWER! Actually holds as advertised, unlike competitors SMALL/WEAK magnets! Never lose their strength!

VERSATILE and interchangeable hooks suit a wide variety of applications!

ATTRACTIVE and durable nickel coating appropriate in the home and outdoors!

Each magnet hook comes with an optional rubber pad to protect surfaces and increase friction!

** Stated performance is achieved in a vertical (magnet facing up) orientation on a thick metal surface. **

One set of 5 magnet hooks with 25+ pound pull strength or
One set of 4 magnet hooks with 40+ pound pull strength or
One set of 3 magnet hooks with 75+ pound pull strength.

GetXpress magnet hooks can help organize your kitchen, office, garage, bathroom, locker - the only limit is your imagination! Never lose your keys again! Hang tools, pot holders, eyeglasses, keys, etc. on surfaces like toolboxes, grills, steel shelves, filing cabinets, ceilings, walls, and much more. Organize cables, utensils, markers, and lockers. Anywhere there is metal these magnet hooks can help de- clutter your space!

No tools are required and there's no need for holes in your walls!

M5 threading allows for custom hooks or attachments to suit any job!

Our demonstration images show ideal conditions where each magnet is capable of holding more than we rate them for. For example, the 40-pound hook can hold 50+ pounds vertically on a very thick, smooth, and unpainted piece of steel, but in practical applications 40 pounds is more likely.

Lifetime Warranty! GetXpress hooks are high quality magnets and rugged materials that won't let you down. If for any reason you aren't satisfied with them, send them back to us and we'll refund the full purchase price.

Using any magnet on painted, rough, or thin metal will decrease the attraction somewhat. Horizontal applications (like a refrigerator door) will see a dramatic decrease in possible loading because friction becomes the primary opposing force. The underside of each magnetic hook is smooth to prevent scratching the surfaces it adheres to. If you wish to hang heavier objects horizontally on smooth surfaces, then we suggest placing a piece of rubber under the magnet to increase friction.

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