1/4" Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Clamps - 10pcs | White

Brand: Electriduct
Product Code: SH2613
Availability: In Stock
US$5.99 US$2.99
This product has a minimum quantity of 20

Package of 10 pieces

Open Position Diameter- .25"

Closed Position Diameter- .234"

Mounting hole fits a standard No. 10 screw (.203")

Cable Clamp Color | White

Our "P" Style cable clamps are made out of nylon plastic. These cable clamps are molded in an open "V" position and are screwed closed to securely hold your cables and hoses in place. Each Cable Clamp has a mounting hole that fits a standard No. 10 screw (.203") and can be mounted on any surface. Due to the smooth edges and flexible nylon construction, the clamps will not cut, bend, or crush your wires and / or hoses making them more appealing than metal clamps. Using a nylon cable end clamp on metallic tubings, like copper or aluminum, eliminates the possibility of galvanic corrosion at such contact points.

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