Oirlv Black Leather Women Men Sunglasses Organizer Eyewear Storage Box with Lid and Lock

Brand: Oirlv
Product Code: SH24977
Availability: In Stock

Box Dimension:9.5inches L x 6.7inches W x 3 inches H, Weight:0.53kg.

Made high quality leather and microfiber inserts,easy to clean and carry.

This box have 4 slots,each slots 1.7inches deep,fit for different size sunglasses and eyewear.

The eyewear box prevent you precious sunglasses or eyewear scratch and damage,glass lid let you sunglasses Keep away from dust.

You can fit the box in a 10"wide x 7"deep drawer or rest them on a dresser or a valet,keep you sunglasses or eyewear organizer and beautiful display.

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