Rubber Coated Plastic Hangers, 25pk Non Slip Plastic Coat Hangers, Strong & Durable, Ultra Slim Space Saving, 360° Swivel Hook, Anti Slip Rubber Hanger, Rubberized Hanger, Shed-Free/Non Velvet Hangers

Brand: ZOBER
Product Code: SH229
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RUBBER COATED HANGERS -- This set of 25 black, hangers is crafted of plastic and coated with rubber. The rubber surface is what sets it apart as completely non-slip and ideal for every type of garment. Won’t leave residues on wet clothing or stretch clothing because of the quality rubber.

SLIM DESIGN -- Hangers have a sleek design for a modern, clean look. Saves space in your closet or wardrobe while maintaining the visual appeal regardless of what it holds. Hang bulky, slippery or long garments without affecting the appearance of your wardrobe.

360° SWIVEL -- Hangers swivel a full 360° allowing you easy access to everything in your closet. In addition keep everything hanging in the same direction, without removing garments from hangers, granting your closet an organized effect.

STURDY & DURABLE -- Hangers are exceedingly sturdy and can hold any article of clothing. Use it for winter coats, bathrobes, and heavy duty sweaters. The pants bar is sturdy enough for bulky trousers and sheets.

KEEPS GARMENTS INTACT -- Hangers are safe for every kind of clothing. Contoured shoulders ensure clothes won’t crease even after long periods of time and rubber coat protects from snags. Notches for dresses and anti-wrinkle pants bar render them a perfect choice for delicate clothing.

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