Higher Hangers Space Saving Velvet Clothes Hangers Slimline Heavy Duty Closet Organizers | Helps Reduce Wrinkles and Clutter | Great for Dorms and Increasing Closet Space | 40 Pack (Black Velvet)

Brand: Higher Hangers
Product Code: SH212
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✅SAVE SPACE – Our patented design helps to reduce clutter and clear more floor space in your closet. With a recessed hook, you can bring your garments higher up, opening more space on the floor below for shoes, boots, storage bins, and other accessories.

✅HIGH QUALITY – Around 50% heavier than our cheaper competition, the Higher Hangers are meant to last longer, and keep your clothing straighter. Flimsy hangers cause unwanted curls and wrinkles, while the gentle shoulder profile prevents pesky shoulder bumps on your collared and standard t-shirts.

✅COLLEGE NECESSITY – Invented in a college dorm room, the Higher Hangers were created to open up more space for busy college students. Organizing your clothing in dorm furniture has never been easier with Higher Hangers. Increase the storage capacity on your standard dorm wardrobes and closets, maximizing your innermost fashion desires.

✅FOR ALL CLOTHES – Our classic plastic hangers have a smooth finish, which is perfect for collared shirts and T-Shirts, while the velvet hangers provide much needed grip for more delicate garments like dresses, tank tops, suits, and pants.

✅USER BACKED – Launched as a top 1% All-Time Kickstarter campaign, the Higher Hangers have been proven by users around the world that wasting space in your closet is a thing of the past. Stop wasting precious closet space and simplify your life by switching to Higher Hangers today!

Invented in a dorm room, Higher Hangers are the first to optimize the use of space with a modern-engineered design that raises the shoulder bars of a hanger, which pulls your garments up & off the floor or shelves. With this design, we’ve found that we can add up to 4 inches of space to the floor of your closet or wardrobe. Utilize that lost space for more organization, as well as helping to maintain the fresh look of your clothes.

Higher Hangers patented design helps to lift your clothes off the floor of your closet, adding several inches of usable floor space.

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