3 Pack Chrome Womens Bra Sport Tank Camisole Top Swim Suit Strap Dress Hanger Closet Organizer

Product Code: SHT201
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Set of 3 durable steel construction hangers with chrome powder coating

Combines 8 hangers into 1 for space saving

Organizer closet from clothes clutter with just 1 hanger

Dimension: 14"H x 15"L

US Design Patent Number D830,707

Caxxa is a qualified brand designing organizers from the desktop all the way to the kitchen and closet in the global market. Our in-house creative design team continue to research and develop ideal and effective solutions to organize and tidy up your whole home.

With all our products, we only use the best. Our bra hangers are made of steel with a power coating to keep the hanger long lasting. Don't be afraid, use it for a lifetime!

We have combined 8 hangers into 1 to keep all your closet organized. As we know each hanger take up room horizontally from your closet. With 8 hangers it could take up to 3 inches in your closet space horizontally. With our bra hanger, you can change that 3 inches into less than 1/4 an inch holding exactly the same load.

These bra hangers are great for hanging more than bras. You can also use them for camisoles, swimming suits, tank tops, jewelry, purses, etc.

Load more in your closet with our space saving and efficient hangers. Our sleek and slim design has continued to allow millions of users to better store their attire.

We love it when our products last as long as then can. We don't believe in a one year product, we design and manufacture all our products to withstand time.

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