Utopia Home 50-Pack Shirt Hangers Non Slip Velvet Hangers - Black

Brand: Utopia Home
Product Code: SH151
Availability: In Stock
US$15.99 US$10.00

VELVET HANGERS PACK - Pack of 50 velvet hangers with each hanger measuring 16.5 by 9.1 by 0.2 inches

DURABLE - Strong enough to hold up to 10 pounds, making sure your coats and pants stay in place; velvet covering adds a luxurious touch to your hangers

SLIM AND SLEEK - Slim and sleek design assists in maximizing closet space to hang a good number of clothes at a time while giving a neat and tidy look to it

NON-SLIP - The non-slip surface prevents clothes from falling; features contoured shoulders with additional notches to keep clothes in shape and accessories in place

ROTATABLE HOOK - 360-degree rotatable hook provides great ease of use while organizing your wardrobe; the hook is given a polished chrome finishing to complement almost any closet décor

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