Michael Graves Design Ultra-Thin Non-Slip Velvet Clothing Hangers, Flocked & Durable, Closet Space Saving, for Garments, Suits, Dresses, Pants, Shirts, Coats, 25 Pack (Black)

Brand: Enchanté Accessories, Inc.
Product Code: SH150
Availability: In Stock
US$16.99 US$8.50

Ultra-thin design creates more space in your closet

Non-slip surface keeps clothing in place

Indents provide extra security for garments with thin straps

Strong enough to hold heavy jackets and coats up to 10 lbs.

Chrome finished metal hanging hook that rotates 360 degrees

Michael Graves Design premium hangers are exclusive and provide many benefits for your clothing. They're so versatile, you can hang all types of garments and clothing accessories, supported by a revolving 360 degree metal hanging hook. Rest assured the velvet non-slip material will keep clothing in place, and securing indent grooves for those cocktail dresses, gowns or swimwear with spaghetti straps. Crafted to help your clothes maintain their "best pressed" look. Your clothing deserves to be treated better, so get rid of those ugly wire hangers from the dry cleaners, and chose these exceptional hangers crafted with love, passion, and care. We strive to provide you quality product, convenience, and the brand you deserve.

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