USA Made - White Standard Plastic Hangers, Notched, Set of 24 Durable and Slim, Notched, Made in The USA (White, 24 Pack)

Brand: Hangorize
Product Code: SH15
Availability: In Stock


ORGANIZED: Get your clothes organized with our variety hangers. Unlike other large space-consuming plastic hangers, these elegant plastic hangers beautifully add class to your wardrobe, making it oddly pleasing to the eyes.

VALUE PACK: With this value pack of 24 Hangers, you will never run short of hangers anytime soon, ensuring that your closet will maintain the sleek organized look you always wished for. See the difference!

FEATURES: Each hanger features shoulder notches to prevent your clothing from slipping off or to hang clothing accessories Measures 16.5"

SECURE PACKAGING: Its easy to shop online, but frustrating when a product you have been waiting for, arrives broken due to shipping damage in mid of making its journey to your home

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