10-Pack, Welfeld 100lbs Picture Frame Hangers, Concrete Brick Art Hanging Hooks, Brass Plating Steel Nail

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Brass Plated (Hook & Nail)

Strong up to 100lbs. Steel brass plated, reinforcing groove. A ridge that runs down the back of the body, around the bottom of the hook.

Angled hook collar, precision guide hole, ideal for maximum support.

Brass plated steel nails, sharp and thin.

Work well on concrete & brick surface. Make do on drywall, plaster, sheetrock with blue-black nails.

Hooks: 10 pieces, Golden
Nails: 20 pieces, 0.12 inch (dia)/ 1.6 inch (length), Golden
Materials: Carbon Steel, Brass
Finish: Brass Plated
How it works
Step 1, Investigate the drywall or platerboard you intend to hang the stuff on.
Step 2, Weigh the stuff.
Step 3, Position the coming hole, guide the nail through the angled hook collar.
Step 4, Tap gently the nail with a hammer.
Step 5, To remove hooks, use pliers to pull the nail out at a slant angle with a slight twisting motion.
These would definitely make small pin point holes instead of the big toggle bolt screws that can leave a gaping hole in the wall.
What makes a good picture hanger?
A picture hanger has only two requirements: it must make a solid connection with the wall, and it needs to be able to hold the picture wire securely in its hook.
Weight Rating
Weight ratings, are based on hangers nailed into studs and are for comparative purposes only. Nailed into studs and nailed into a sheet of drywall are different.
There is no doubt that a 30-pound hook will be able to support the vast majority of pictures. But if you’re looking to hang something heavier, many testings showed that you should choose hangers that have a weight rating of at least double the weight of the picture, if not more.
How to Get the Most Out of the picture hangers
The quality and condition of plastered walls (specifically old ones) varies so greatly, you need to investigate and determine for yourself how they will hold up to a picture hanger.
Regardless of the size and weight of the picture, it is recommended that two hooks are used for each picture frame hung.

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