HANGERWORLD 12 Natural Wooden 9.8inch Clamp Clothes Garment Pant Skirt Hangers Felt Lining

Product Code: SHT13483
Availability: In Stock

FELT-LINED CLAMP - The quick-release clamp is designed to securely hold skirts, pants and jeans without adding creases or damaging the items.

REAL WOOD HANGER - Made with 100% maple wood, the high-quality hangers are hard-wearing, yet lightweight and are ideal for commercial or home use.

NATURAL FINISH - The natural varnish provides an attractive finish and makes them smooth and extremely durable.

CHROMED HINGE – Snap shut hinge is secured by means of central plastic lock.

SIZE - Hanger measures 25cm (9.8 inches) in width.

Pack of 12 useful wooden clamp hangers. High quality with soft lined jaws. Great for hanging trousers and skirts by the waistband and for kids clothes.

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