HANGERWORLD 5 Natural Wooden 9.8inch Clamp Clothes Garment Pant Skirt Hangers Felt Lining

Product Code: SHT12932
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$26.50 $6.50

CLOSET ESSENTIALS: Ideal for hanging skirts, pants, jeans, shorts and more.

SPACE SAVING: The slim body takes up less surface area to maximize your closet space.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Clip mechanism unlocks and releases bars by pulling hook back, allowing them to open wide for easy placement of clothing. The hangers lock when hook is pulled forward.

FELT-LINED CLAMP: The hangers are lined with soft felt to avoid marking or damaging fabric.

SIZE - Width 9.8 inch approx.

Excellent value on these beechwood clamp hangers. Easy to use and a great way to store lots of types of clothing. 9.8 inches wide. Felt lined.

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