Hanger Diversion Safe by Stash-it, Hidden Pocket Safe, Fits Under Hanging Clothes with Pocket to Hide Valuables for Home or Travel with Bonus Smell Proof Bag

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✔️ HIDE AND STASH YOUR VALUABLES - Fits underneath your hanging garments and hidden from sight in your closet among your other hidden clothes.

✔️ FOR AT HOME OR ON-THE-GO - Great hiding spot when traveling or staying at hotels to hide your cash, cards, passports, documents, jewelery, etc.

✔️ LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY - 17" wide zipper opening and flexible material allows for LOTS of storage.

✔️ WHEN IN DOUBT WHERE TO HIDE IT, STASH-IT! Stop worrying about your valuables, rest easy knowing youve stashed em away in safe and hidden place!

The problem with a traditional safe is it sticks out like a sore thumb and is so obvious that would-be thieves know exactly where your valuables are stored. Instead of using an old-school safe, try the Stash-it Hanger Diversion safe. The safe that easily attaches to any hanger and is hidden away underneath your clothing and can hang in the closet among your other clothing basically undetectable by nosey friends, roomates with sticky fingers, kids, or just flat out thieves! The Stash-it Hanger Safe is made of durable material and can easily hold up to 20LBS! You can fit important documents, bitcoin and crypto-currency paper wallets, precious metals, jewelry, herbs, or just cash.

Note: Hanger is not included. Only bag is offered.

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