Oak Leaf Wood Hangers, 6-Pack Coat Hanger Clothes Hangers with Extra Wide Shoulder for Heavy Coat, Sweater, Trousers, Retro Finish

Brand: Oak Leaf
Product Code: SH122
Availability: In Stock

Wood hangers are made of solid wood for a stronger construction, preventing sagging even after a long time of use

Extra-wide shoulders in a contoured design provide support for your coats, suits and sweaters while non-slip bar keeps trousers from slipping and wrinkles so that they can be in good shape without creases

360-degree swivel hook is chrome plated to prevent rust and corrosion, which fits most closet rods and makes clothes easy to hang and take off

Solid wooden hanger in odorless paint for a safe use; retro finish adds a sophisticated touch

30-day customer satisfaction guarantee for Oak Leaf Wood Hangers

Have suits and coats that are too heavy for traditional wire and plastic hangers? Get annoyed by clothes falling down time to time from your hangers? Feel embarrassed when creases made by hangers ruin the original shape of your suit?

-Oak Leaf Wood Hangers are here to help you solve all those problems!

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