FRECI Pearl Beaded Clothes Hanger Coat Trouser Dress Pants Hanger Rack for Home Boutique Clothes Shop Wedding Decor - Rose Red

Product Code: SHT11568
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Special hangers with luxury and top quality beads embellished.

Smooth plastic pearl covering holds even the most delicate fabrics without damaging them.

Can be used for hanging clothes; besides, they are also great for hanging bags and other garments.

Eye-catching, great for stylish boutiques or clothing shops’ retail display.

Material: ABS Plastic + Metal.Overall Length: Approx. 40cm/ 15.75 inch.

Suitable for use with dresses, skirts, jackets, trousers, delicate clothes & woollens.

Great decorative hangers, but also practical. Straps and skirt loops slot between the beads for a firm hold.

Ideal as a gift, to give your wardrobe a fresh, luxurious look, or for a stylish boutique retail display.

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