TIMMY Velvet Hangers with Clips 20 Pack Non Slip Clothes Hangers Ultra Thin for Pants Hangers Skirt Hangers with Swivel Hooks(Black)

Brand: TIMMY
Product Code: SH103
Availability: In Stock


TIMMY Velvet Pants hangers 20 Pack measures 16.75*9.25*0.24 inches suitable for Skirt clothing width,this adjustable clothes hangers will not be stable. You can adjust the width with the movable metal clips that suitable for adults and kids.(Note:Some package vary in the bend because the product has been improved )

TIMMY velvet Pants hangers made of friendly material velvet,with ABS plastic nylon velvet surface and anti-rust chrome 360°swivel hook and durable metal bottom, allow you to retrieve and install clothes much easier and afficent.

Nonslip velvet hangers surface with grooved shoulder help keep all kinds of clothes secured on velvet hangers. Made of PVC plastic on the clip,increases friction while protecting your clothes from marks and makes your sling clothes do not fall and keep the clothes neat.

TIMMY Velvet hangers with Clips ultra thin sturdy structure can hold your heavy duty coat and pants,strong enough to hold 10 pounds.Bendable 180-degree side to side without break with premium velvet quality.

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