Casafield - 20 Open-Ended Pants Hangers - Easy Slide - Slim, Space Saving Design with Non-Slip Rubber Coating for Trousers, Slacks, Jeans, Skirts

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SET INCLUDES: 20 Open Ended Pants Hangers

MAXIMIZE YOUR CLOSET SPACE: Unclutter your closet and add more space with the ultra-thin profile of these slim, space-saving, non-slip pant hangers from Casafield. Our versatile and functional hangers allow you to securely hang not only pants and slacks but also skirts, towels, ties, bags, linens, scarves, and more!

LIGHTWEIGHT, STURDY DESIGN: Durable yet lightweight. Stylish yet practical. Our modern metal hangers feature an open-ended, ergonomic design, which resists bending and accommodates the hanging of heavy denim jeans, slacks, and skirts.

EASY ON YOUR CLOTHES: The attractive, black rubber coating on our pants hangers grip and protect your clothes from wrinkling and creasing. The rubber tips ensure no damaging snags to your clothing.

Give your closet an instant makeover and organize the closet of your dreams with these non-slip, space-saving pant hangers from Casafield. Never again will you have to deal with your clothes slipping off and becoming wrinkled due to the use of standard plastic or wire hangers. Maximize your space with the open-ended design and ultra-thin profile of these clothes hangers. The slim design of our pant hangers free up to 50 percent more closet space.

These modern metal pant hangers from Casafield feature a horizontal bar, with open end, perfect for pants, skirts, shorts and more! Our pant hangers prevent creases and clothing piles on the closet floor with the non-slip rubber coating. The strong hooks feature a rubber tip to prevent and damaging snags on your clothing. These pant hangers from Casafield are designed to accommodate the hanging of multiple garments without bending for lasting use.

Overall: 13-1/2" x 1/2" x 9-1/2"

Using Your Hangers:
These lightweight yet sturdy hangers combine luxurious design with an affordable value for lasting performance. We do not recommend using our hangers to hang-dry wet clothing and other laundered items.

Casafield is an industry leader in affordable home accessories and organizational solutions perfect for any style and budget.

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