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Coat Hangers

Coat Hangers
Product Code: SHT9310
We develop and supply customers unique and the highest quality hangers,help organization of every household. The end product results in items that maximize space, simplify organization. ANTI-SLIP CLOTHES HANGERS: This metal hanger equipped EVA sponge, make it good anti-slide performances, high resi..
Product Code: SH11412
Paint non-toxic, non-staining, natural wood, strong and durable, long last time A total of 10 hanging points, can hang towels, clothes, bags, ties, hats, etc. Easily adjustable to the required width, has 2 metal brackets fitted in the back. Simply design, classy style, Perfect for door, wall, bedroo..
Product Code: SHT7555 Brand: Quality Hangers
Upgrade your current hangers to quality metal ones It’s time to throw out the old plastic and wire hangers in your closet or wardrobe and upgrade to our top quality, metal hangers which will hang your clothes perfectly. Good clothes need to be hung correctly, our hangers hold their shape, they don’t..
US$9.99 US$19.99
Product Code: SH7936 Brand: Trubetter
The Advantages of Trubetter folding hangers These hangers are foldable and portable. You could easily to fold it up into a very compact shape and pack it to your bag but would not take of a lot of room. Trubetter folding hangers make of superior ABS material..
US$4.95 US$13.99
Product Code: SHT9351
Load 3kg / U type anti-overflow / ultra-light, labor-saving / durable, no deformation;Aluminium alloy material, good texture and anti-corrosion.Material: aluminum alloy;Size: 41x19 cm;Function: durable, no deformation;Bold rivets are more weight-bearing: they are riveted with thick aluminum rivets, ..
Product Code: SHT10926
Are you looking for a solution to crowded closets? I think our Space-Saving Closet Organizers will help out. Space is always at a premium and this four-layer creative hanger helps keep you organized on the fly. The item is STAINLESS STEEL Hanger Collection featuring a simple yet unique designs th..
Product Code: SHT12579 Brand: Quality Hangers
If you are looking for the ultimate suit hanger that will serve its purpose and improve the look of your wardrobe you are in the right place. Our wooden suit hanger is made from strong hardwood with a rich retro finish that will surely bring a touch of class to your wardrobe. Wide wishbone design a..
US$7.50 US$14.99
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