DAYUANDIAN Portable Foldable Clothing Drying Hanger - Clothes Dryer Foldable Clothes Hanger Rack with Built-in Electric Dryer for Travel Daily Life

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---Electric Clothes Drying Rack is home essential with normal clothing for overall nursing, small scaled clothe and shoes urgently dry function. It is traveling essentially by self-dry and smooth clothing functions.

---Space Saving: Mini compact size and detachable, doesnt take much space whatever store in closet or luggage, simple operation and easy to carry.

---Quick drying: Quickly dry clothes within 3 hours, equipped with a temperature control system to prevent overheating and no shrinkage/heat damage to the clothes. It can meet the drying requirements of clothing and shoes during travel or wet weather.

---Multipurpose: Suitable for lightweight and small clothes like suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, infant wear, underwear but not included silk cotton clothes. They are stretchable and best for drying shoes.

---Tips: the mini dryer is a best companion for short-term business trip ,camping travel or friends visiting makes you fresh and clean without heavy clothes package. A practical gift for all kinds of people such as ,colleagues ,housewives,businessmen/women on-the-go,Solitary,travelers ...

WHY CHOOSE THIS: Except for solving emergency drying problem,it can also help in daily life:everyone has some delicate clothing or jeans that can’t dry via large dryer machine for shrink and Wrinkles or odor,bacterium problem,then we may need a mini hanger rack dryer for help; compared with expensive conventional dryer,the electric hanger dryer can match all our expectation in time and money when we need to dry only few item;with lightweight and foldable design,portable to carry everywhere.


Name: Electric Clothes Hanger

Model: 857105

Power: 150W

Voltage: 220V 50Hz

Size: 42x8x18cm

Cable length: 1.8m

Waterproof level: IPX1

Color: White

Carrying weight: 5-10kg

Power protection: Yes

Bracket material: Plastic

Package Included:

A: 1* Electric Hangers

B:1* Electric Hangers

2*shoes dryers

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