Yijiang Beautiful and Lightweight 10 Pcs Clear Acrylic Hanger Crystal Clothes Hanger with Gold Hook, Transparent Shirts Dress Hanger with Notches for Lady Kids

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Very smooth, made of eco-friendly plastic that do not have any sharp edges to causes unwanted creases or leave marks in the shoulders of your clothes. Therefore, perfect for delicate garments.

Upper shoulder notches enable clothes with garment loops and straps to be hung easily without slipping off.

The special opening is ideal for garments with a tight collar so that it will not be stretched or distorted when hanging up, also can be used for scarves and belts.

Practical Design - Adopting a design that simulates the curvature of human shoulders, these hangers can hang clothes in their natural form.

Our hangers come presented in secure, great for gifting for special occasions such as housewarmings and weddings.

Flexible coat hangers for all your clothes

Name: Hangers

Colour: Brown

Material: PP eco-friendly plastic

Dimensions: 38x21x0.9cm

Suitable for: Adult

Package includes :

10 x hangers

Space Saving, These slim, space-saving hangers are perfect for creating extra space with their flat profile. Ideal for both at home and in a retail setting, the hangers are perfect for when rail space is limited.

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