Vremi Clothes Hangers 20 Pack - Non Slip Ultra Slim Plastic Hanger Set with Secure Grip Strips and Durable Chrome Metal Hooks - Gray and Multi Color

Brand: Vremi
Product Code: SH590
Availability: In Stock

20 PACK NON SLIP HANGER SET - Keep your clothes organized without falling or sagging with Vremi’s 20 piece ultra slim nonslip basic plastic hanger set. Great for tank tops, blouses, trousers, camisoles, button down shirts and more. Each hanger features a sturdy accessory and pant bar to organize ties, scarves, slacks and other accessories

DURABLE PLASTIC with GRIP STRIP - Made from heavy duty plastic with wide shoulders that wont break or bend easily (unlike velvet hangers). Has superior structure and stability for heavy coats, jackets, office suits, sweaters or bags. Grip strips securely hold satin cloth or strappy dresses without extra padding or clips. Smooth edge prevents bumps and maintains shape of garment nicely

THICK SWIVEL CHROME HOOK - Notched hanger set features chrome swivel hook for easy sorting of clothes no matter which direction you hang your them. It is strongly attached to the durable plastic hanger so the hook doesnt detach or snap easily, and can easily hang on any closet rods, walls, free standing rack or even doors. Tough, thick and wont rust even if used with wet clothes (unlike other cheap wire hooks)

SPACE SAVING ORGANIZER - Thin and stackable hanger set maximizes space in small closets (better than flocked or bulk wooden hangers). Perfect for small, medium and large sized clothes of adult men, women, and school-aged children or kids, so you can finally get rid of those small baby hangers

MODERN DESIGN and COLORS - Hard durable plastic hanger set features two tone design with grey base to add an extra pop of style to your living room, bedroom, dorm, apartment or RV closet. Each hanger measures 16.5 x 4.25 x 8.7 inches. Suitable for both dry clothes and for hang drying wet garments after laundering

Tired of your clothes slipping off the hanger? Frustrated by bulky hangers taking up too much closet space? Worry no more, because Vremi’s Let's Hang Up Hanger Set is finally here! This high quality pack of 20 nonslip plastic hangers with chrome swivel hooks holds a variety of clothes to keep your wardrobe storage organized. Features contoured shoulders to keep clothes shapes in tact, and won’t leave marks or shoulder bumps. Also has additional notches to prevent garments from slipping. Includes accessory bar to organize ties and scarves for your complete outfits, and prevent creases while in the closet. Set is lightweight in ultra slim size, and can be easily hung in free-standing wardrobes, wall hooks, doors, or on traditional closet rods. Replace your old set and enjoy the smartly constructed convenience of our heavy duty plastic hangers!

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