Wonder Hanger Heavy Duty 360 Swivel Action Hanger, Pack of 5 in Metal - Keep Your Clothes Organized and Wrinkle-Free!

Brand: Hampton Direct, Inc.
Product Code: SH572
Availability: In Stock

Keep Clothes Organized & Wrinkle Free!

Made from heavy duty metal.

Rotating swivel hooks and patented open mouth design provide 360 degree access to add or remove clothing quickly and easily!.

Each hanger can hold 6 heavy winter coats, even can hold 6 heavy quilts, Now Thats Strong!

Use with plastic, wire or wooden hangers.

Bring your closet challenges! Wonder Hanger Heavy Duty 360 Swivel Hanger works like magic on heavy coats, bulky purses, tons of shirts and blouses - they're no match for the durability and strength of the Wonder Hanger Max. Made with durable chrome, this efficient, magical space-saving closet hanger design frees up space while keeping your garments wrinkle-free. Great for dorms, apartments or anywhere with limited space. The Wonder Hanger Max works flawlessly with wood, metal and plastic hangers of all shapes and sizes. This complete 5-piece cascading set will help you get organized quickly and easily.

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