Fayleeko Wire Hangers 40 Pack Coat Hangers Strong Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Metal Hangers 16.5 Inch Ultra Thin Space Saving Clothes Hangers

Brand: Fayleeko
Product Code: SHT27
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Stainless Still

★Clothes hangers Package&Size:40 Pack;16.5*8 inches,3.2mm thickness gage

★Material:The wire hangers are made of durable and 100% stainless steel. Not like velvet hangers, wooden hangers or plastic hangers, this metal hangers can be waterproof that can be used for any places, such as bedroom,closet,bathroom,cloakroom and laundry room and more.

★Ultra thin: With the slim gage, these heavy duty hangers can be the space saving choice for your closet. These hangers make your wardrobe look more elegant and neat. Your wardrobe dont need to take up too much space because of thin coat hangers.

★Heavy Duty: The non slip heavy duty hangers are stronger than other hangers, far from rust and more durable than plastic hangers or wooden hangers. These clothes hangers will not decay due to moisture or easily break due to heavy clothes.

Package:40 Pack
Size:16.5*8inches,0.12 inches thickness gauge

Made of durable stainless steel, stronger than plastic ones to hold heavy clothes, far from rust and deformation

Applications:This wire hangers can be used in the bathroom,bedroom,closet,cloakroom,and laundry room and clothing store.

Hook radians:Appropriate hook radians design for all standard clothes rods

Rubber cap:A rubber cap is used at the end to prevent scratches

Perfect connection:The connection adopts superb welding technology

Shoulder groove:The special groove design prevents clothing from falling

Smooth surface:Stainless steel surface smooth,without breaking garment

Service:If there are any problems,please feel free to contact us,we will try our best service to solve your any problems.

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