ZOYER TPR Plastic Hangers (30 Pack) Multifunctional Light-Weight Hangers Premium Quality S-Shape Non-Slip Suit & Shirt Hangers with Tie Bar, Strap Hooks, 360 Chrome Swivel (Multi Color Grey)

Brand: Zoyer
Product Code: SH178
Availability: In Stock

UNIQUE DESIGN WITH A VARIETY OF COLORS - The S-shaped design of this hanger makes it multi-purpose; allowing you to not only hang coats, suits, jackets and shirts but strapped garments as well. This hanger comes in a variety of colours i.e orange, blue, green, pink and purple. So there are 6 hangers dedicated to each colour in this pack of 30 hangers.

DURABLE - These hangers are sturdy and can withstand the weight of heavier garments.These are ideal for hanging your winter clothes!

SPACE-EFFICIENT - These are ultra thin hangers that maximise your closet space by at least 50%!

NON-SLIP - Helps silky shirts from falling off and prevents creases in pants when they are folded over.

SWIVEL HOOK - The hook of these Zoyer hangers is user free rotating to an all round 360 degree.

Do you want to give life to your closet and at the same time maximise your space? Zoyer's Multi-Purpose Amphibious Hangers are the perfect choice for you!
Now you may ask why are they the ultimate best investment for you... here are the details:

They come in a variety of colours; orange, blue, green, purple and pink, brightening up your space!
These are non slip hangers allowing you to hang those silky shirts which otherwise fall off from other hangers. Pants which are hung can also stay in place, neatly folded over without any creases since there is non slip material on the hanger bar as well.
The unique, multi-functional design allows you to:
(1) Hang all types of garments be it coats, suits, jackets, shirts.
(2) The accessory bar allows for efficiency as it can easily hang scarves, belts and ties; preparing your outfit for the next day.
(3) The sleek design under the shoulder of the hanger smartly allows you to hang your strapped garments.
360-degree swivel hook is a great feature!
These hangers are made of high quality material and do not break easily under pressure.

Zoyer's Amphibious Hangers (pack of 30) makes a great vibrant gift all year round!

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