HANGERWORLD 15 Natural Wooden 9.8inch Clamp Clothes Garment Pant Skirt Hangers Felt Lining

Product Code: SHT15853
Availability: In Stock

15 High Quality Wooden Clamp Pants Hangers with internal felt non-marking grip - 25cm wide

Hinged Hangers...simply load garment and snap shut. Garments are held firmly in place. Strong, ingenious design. Can be used to hang from hems or from waistband of clothing.

Hanger measures 9.8 Inches Wide Aprox. Metal clamp hinge is secured by means of central plastic lock.

Jaws are soft lined to avoid marking fabrics. Holds pants or skirts securely by waistband. Also great for kids tops, smaller items etc. hung upside down.

Strong polished chrome hinge and swivel hook with smooth rounded end. For a tidy, organised and great looking closet!!...

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