Kabudar Metal Hangers Non-Slip Suit Coat Hangers Chrome and Black Friction, Metal Clothes Hanger with Rubber Coating, 16 Inches Wide, Set of 20 (Black)

Brand: Kabudar
Product Code: SH134
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Sturdy Design - Extra thick 5 gauge (about 3/16") wire frame design. The metal hanger can hold and support most garments.

Prevent Clothing From Falling - Non-slip surface with notched shoulder keep clothes in position, gentle on garments & prevents slipping & creasing.

Multi-purpose - Heavy Duty Enough for Coat, Suits, Jackets, Shirts, Pants, Trousers, Dresses, Blouses and other Clothes.

Protect Your Clothes - Smooth & Delicate Surface No sharp edges, well protect your clothes and your hands.

Saving Space - Made of stainless steel, Ultra slim profile to maximize space in your closet and tidying up your closet.

Kabudar Hangers is committed to provide the highest quality hangers and the best service. We are dedicated to improving every specific function of hanger, like Colors, Extra Thick Hook & Super Non-slip Rubber Coating. You have probably tried every fancy hanger out there but they’re simply too weak to hold clothing. If so, discover the all our new Slim and sturdy multipurpose Kabudar hanger set, the perfect solution for any closet! Deck out your closet with this 20-pack of assorted metal hangers, perfect for all your storage and organization needs!

Extra thick 5 gauge (about 3/16") wire frame design. All hangers are made of super premium stainless steel, which is proved to be sturdy and won’t get deformed like other metal or wire hangers after hanging heavy clothing for a long time, are more durable than typical hangers. Durable metal construction provides strength, reliability, and long-lasting beauty.

The non-slip hangers with premium PVC coating keep garments in place and prevent them from slipping off. The smooth rubber coating also protects garments from creases and wrinkles. No need to waste time ironing again.

Specially designing thicker stainless steel hooks to make the hanger more durable. And the necks of the hooks are longer enough, so it is easy to get the hook onto the different size bars. The diameter of the curved part of the hook is also bigger enough to match your bars. Zero worry for the hanger will not meet the hanging bars.

The clothes hangers feature contoured shoulders that keep clothes shape while cut notches keep straps in place. The convenient notches also allow the hangers to be perfect for hanging women’s undergarments such as bras, nightgowns, and camisoles.

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