(39-Hook) Creative Multi Function Invisible Hardwall Drywall Picture-Hanging Hooks Clock Hanger Non-Trace Wall Picture Hook Frame Wedding Photos Mirror Wall Studs, White

Product Code: SH1013
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US$7.66 US$3.95
This product has a minimum quantity of 20

Easy to use and could apply to a variety of surfaces

Composed of durable, long lasting materials, the strongest hook could load weight 15+ lbs

Totally 37 pcs and its multi-function is a must have for every family

Suitable for hanging keys, umbrella, clothes, photo frame, metope adornment , etc.

Suitable for hard wood and solid walls. NOT suitable for stud walls.

Ideal for hanging picture frame, clocks or decorations on wooden wall, hardwall surface.
Easy to use, just hammer pins straight in.
High Quality Pack of Plastic Hard Wall Picture These moulded hooks are ideal for concrete or masonry walls.
Hooks have short hardened steel pins.
Easy to remove and won't leave a obvious marks.

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