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Product Code: SH12750 Brand: HOUSE DAY
Are you tired of finding your clothes in a crumpled heap at the bottom of your closet? Then you need these plastic finger clips from House Day! These handy versatile clips for hangers easily attach to your slimline clothes hangers to keep garments such as pants and skirts neat and tidy. The durable ..
US$3.99 US$8.99
Product Code: SH146 Brand: HOUSE DAY
HOUSE DAY Light-Weight Plastic Tubular Hangers Perfect for polo, t-shirts and tank tops. These white hangers are decent enough to hang light weight shirts. You could find many hangers in the stores have notches, which cause dents in the shoulders of regular shirts. But our hangers would protect yo..
US$7.00 US$13.99
Product Code: SH7493 Brand: HOUSE DAY
Specifications: Adjustable Hangers Color:WhitePackage of Adjustable Clothing Hanger: 5The Plastic Adjustable Coat Hangers Dimension: Length:15-20"; Height:7.4" (from the top hook to the bottom bar); Swivel hook opening:1.1"...
US$5.00 US$9.99
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